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11-K 11-K 6/26/2020 12/31/2019
Abstract: Registrant filed the annual report for its 401k Employee stock ownership plan.
8-K 8-K 6/15/2020 6/12/2020
Abstract: On June 15, registrant announced that it completed its merger with Steuben Trust Corporation and its banking subsidiary, Steuben Trust, on June 12.
8-K 8-K 5/22/2020 5/20/2020
Abstract: On May 20, registrant announced that its board of directors declared a dividend of 41 cents per share, payable July 10 to shareholders as of June 15. Registrant announced the results of its annual meeting of shareholders. The bylaws and the certificate of amendment were included by exhibit.
Prospectus 425 5/22/2020
8-K 8-K 5/19/2020 5/19/2020
Abstract: 8-K filed by Community Bank System Inc. (CBU) covering Regulation FD Disclosure and Financial Statements and Exhibits.
Prospectus 425 5/19/2020
8-K 8-K 5/13/2020 5/13/2020
Abstract: On May 13, registrant announced that it received the regulatory approvals from its primary regulators, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, necessary to complete the proposed merger with Steuben Trust Corporation, as well as the approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services.
Prospectus 425 5/13/2020
10-Q 10-Q 5/11/2020 3/31/2020
Proxy DEFA14A 4/29/2020
8-K 8-K 4/20/2020 4/20/2020
Abstract: 8-K filed by Community Bank System Inc. (CBU) covering Results of Operations and Financial Condition and Financial Statements and Exhibits.
Prospectus 425 4/20/2020
Proxy DEF 14A 4/1/2020 5/20/2020
Proxy DEFA14A 4/1/2020
8-K 8-K 3/19/2020 3/13/2020
Abstract: On March 16, registrant announced that Scott Kingsley will retire from his position as executive vice president and COO of the registrant, effective June 30. The retirement and release agreement and the amendment to employment agreement were included by exhibit.
Prospectus 425 3/19/2020
Proxy PRE 14A 3/10/2020 5/20/2020
8-K 8-K 3/4/2020 3/3/2020
Abstract: On March 4, registrant announced that the shareholders of Steuben Trust Corp. approved the proposed merger of Steuben Trust with the registrant.
Prospectus 425 3/4/2020
10-K 10-K 3/2/2020 12/31/2019

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